Hi, I am Juliana.

I am the human behind this website, I bring over a decade of professional experience spanning various realms such as sales, marketing, logistics, agricultural, renewable energy, mining, engineering, IT, and government sectors. My multifaceted background makes me an expert poised to elevate your business ventures. My objective is to unveil intrinsic brand values and connect with users, resulting in impactful experiences through innovative strategies.

If you are an entrepreneur who aspires to officialize your brand presence in Hungary's thriving market or seek profitable opportunities in real estate investment, I'm here to assist you further beyond marketing and business expertise. I offer customized guidance, tailor-made insights to align with your ambitions, assisting you with meticulous business plans, setting up operations in Hungary and identifying prime real estate prospects in the region. Consider me as your strategic and reliable ally who can transform your ideas into tangible success stories.




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